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Move and Do Good

Do you like to run? Walk? Bike? Do you also like supporting worthy charities? Then you’re in luck! With Charity Miles, your love of running, walking, biking, and moving will provide much needed support for a variety of charities. Charity Miles is a free app for iPhone and Android users. Simply put, while you have the app running on your phone, any activity you do will earn sponsorship money for the charity of your choice.

The Charity Miles app can be used with or without GPS tracking. I’ve used it while walking on my treadmill in my basement, where cell service doesn’t exist. Large corporations like Johnson & Johnson, Humana and Chobani generously sponsors your activity. Charity Miles will distribute those donation dollars, up to $0.25 each mile, to the charity you select.

Support Your Favorite Charity

There are over thirty world-class charities to choose from. Charity Miles will add new charities from time to time. Some of the current charities you can choose to support include the ASPCA, USO, ALS Association, Stand Up To Cancer, Alzheimer’s Association, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Foundation of NSNA and many more.

Move to Do Good

The app is designed to track the activity you do while the app is running on your phone. You will have to have your phone on your person for the activity to be recorded. The app currently does not work sync with any kind of activity bracelet such as a FitBit.

Cheating is not good, please don’t do it or Charity Miles will disqualify your session. But, “Hacking the App” is encouraged. This isn’t cheating. Hacking the App is when you start a session on the app and let it run while going about your day-to-day activities: doing laundry, walking through the grocery store, making your bed while your cat insists on laying on it, things like that. An example of cheating would be strapping your phone to the ceiling fan while it’s on. Cheating is bad.

Join a Team

Join a team or create one to add a little competition. There are several teams you can join. For example, the Hogwarts Running Club (a charitable program dedicated to supporting charities focused on veterans, youth, literacy, animals, homelessness, the environment and fighting diseases) has a team for each of the Harry Potter houses. The club then uses the information from the teams to award points. You could set up teams within your place of business to create a fun challenge or competition.

The best part of all this? Your activity is designating sponsorship dollars to the charity of your choosing. As the Director of Operations, I have been choosing to send my activity donations to:

These are all charities that have special meaning to Compassionate Care and the work we do.

Charity Miles says it best: Every Mile Matters. Move with purpose. To learn more about any of the organizations mentioned, please visit their websites:



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